The Historian Of Decline

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hitler beats Blair in poll

Leadership is something, but it isn't everything. A leader can rally the populace to support a cause or firmly assuage their fears and keep them in a complacency. There are many leaders in every civilization, but only a few that achieve the ultimate power of control of the State. Then, having attained power, they find it difficult to relinquish it, for human nature cannot be undone.

Leaders can inspire people in their community or show a business the way to success. They can lead States in directions that maximize their own ability to keep power while ignoring good policy and trampling people underfoot like so much detritus.

Healthy, growing civilizations insist on leaders that respect freedom while declining civilizations rest complacently on the laurels of past generations. Their leaders strip away every last liberty until all that is left underneath is a grinning skeleton, signifying death where there was once vitality.

Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler outranks the sitting prime minister of Britain in a recent poll on leadership. This is a warning to the west: we cannot look at politicians as saviours, or states as sources of salvation. Just as they have their responsibilities we have ours, to keep them in check.



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