The Historian Of Decline

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


The Iraqi parliament held their first meeting since the election, after the obligatory mortar assault. No one was hurt, though the sheen on the invasion that has been glimmering ever since the election was slightly scratched.

The Historian Of Decline maintains that our warm fuzzy feelings toward democracy are not enough to bring peace and unity to Iraq, and so whatever we may feel after reading the latest report on democracy in Iraq, it is still far too early to say mission accomplished. In fact, we are so far from that point that all foreign troops should pack up and get home while they still can, and not by going through Iran.

The Italians are pulling out, the fiasco with Guilana Sgrena at last forcing the government to go with public opinon. There are times when the public are unschooled in the issues, and do not make informed decisions. War is not one of those times, so politicians had better listen up if they want to keep abusing their offices for another term.

DrudgeReport linked to a story suggesting that Britain would be asked to help make up for the 3000 withdrawing Italians. But with Tony Blair facing an election and fending off anger over his widely opposed decision to join the war, that may not be an option.

The Kurds are pushing for more autonomy, the fighting continues, the soldiers are dying by the thousands and being wounded by the tens of thousands. Behind the panacea of democracy, many problems lurk--too many to start saying that the war was the right thing to do.


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